ReStore Makeover in an afternoon: New color for a mid-century dresser

We’re excited to welcome back Theresa, home renovation and DIY expert, and the force  (with her husband Mark) behind!  Theresa guest blogs for us this week, sharing how she refreshed a piece she found at the Habitat Philadelphia ReStore.  

A perfect paint finish is easy if you follow a few simple steps, and practice patience, when spray painting furniture.  Bright colors update this mid-century find from Philly’s Habitat For Humanity ReStore.

MyFixitUpLife - Habitat for Humanity ReStore Dresser - After Restore Makeover

A mid-century dresser from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore updated in just an afternoon with Krylon spray paint.

Whenever I’m doing a ReStore makeover project that needs to be finished in just an afternoon, I think of paint and my local ReStore. It’s like a giant playground for design inspiration on a budget. I never know what I’ll find, and I’m always inspired by what I see.

Inspiration occurs every time. But for this makeover… I swooned. My heart literally skipped a beat when I spotted this dresser designed by Theodore J. Walczer for the Showers Brothers Company in Bloomington, Indiana. Before you are impressed with my knowledge of furniture history, don’t be. I knew it was mid-century, but the little tag inside the drawer gave me all of its little secrets about the history of the piece.

Midcentury modern dresser

Amazing find at ReStore. This dresser was designed by Theodore J. Walczer for the Showers Brothers Company in Bloomington, Indiana

Priced at $60 at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Philly, it was practically a steal. Especially when I asked Mr. Google about the piece when I got home. There same dresser is for sale at $300, and I found a video about the history of the furniture company. Let’s just say serious swoon-fest occurred.

While I love the original finish of the piece, I wanted to make it mine with color. And I wanted to update two other little finds: a little Buddha statue and a charming table lamp. It’s a ReStore makeover trifecta.

No matter the size of what I’m personalizing with a fresh color, I know that Krylon spray paint‘s quick dry times will make a makeover project fit inside the few hours I can squeeze out of my mommy-person lifestyle. Yes, Krylon is one of our makeover partners. And you can use whatever paint you like to do a makeover like this. I choose Krylon not because we’re friends. We’re friends because of Krylon’s ability to work with every kind of material in a short time, and have a factory-looking finish.

MyFixitUpLife - Habitat for Humanity ReStore Dresser - During

I use a cut-off as a paint guard when I’m spray painting. Loving this shade of periwinkle from Krylon.

When I looked at the dresser, I saw Periwinkle. So after sanding, wiping clean, and priming, I delighted in covering the dresser with Krylon CoverMaxx in Periwinkle.

Unlike most dresser makeovers, this piece doesn’t have knobs or pulls. Instead of adding them, I wanted to retain the lines of the original design in this ReStore makeover. So to add a bit of interest and highlight the drawer openings, I chose Piston Grey and Pistachio.

MyFixitUpLife - Habitat for Humanity ReStore Dresser - After

The dresser is done. And the little Buddha shines in gold next to an upcycled light-fixture-turned-into-a-planter, and the charming table lamp found at ReStore.

And of course, Buddha shines in gold with the table lamp in a new lamp shade of pin-striped turquoise. Yes, I swooned once more.

I hope you enjoy this Habitat for Humanity ReStore makeover video. Please share comments below or send a note in email or over on Twitter.


About Habitat Philadelphia

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia is an independently chartered affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI), the largest nonprofit homebuilder worldwide. Locally, Habitat Philadelphia is on a mission to transform lives and our city by building and repairing quality homes in partnership with families in need, and uniting all Philadelphians around the cause of affordable housing. Our Vision is a city where all Philadelphians live in safe, affordable homes.
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